The $SLYR token is the asset that runs the RO Slayers ecosystem. One method that enables $SLYR token holders to claim rewards is if they stake or participate in various in-game activities. Other players will also be able to earn tokens if they take part in various games through community-generated content initiatives in the RO Slayers world. Furthermore, there is a fair distribution of the $SLYR BEP-20 token to liquidity providers on the DEX. Such distribution will be announced in advance.
A maximum supply of 10,000,000 $SLYR tokens will be in circulation.
Our goal is to align the incentives between players and developers in a novel way. The mechanisms described above have two primary objectives. One is to reward players for interacting with the RO Slayers ecosystem while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards. Another is to decentralize the ownership and governance of the RO Slayers ecosystem.

Where can I use $SLYR Tokens in-game?

$SLYR Tokens can be used to the following:

  • Crafting of Weapons & Armors
  • Refinement of Weapons & Armors
  • Crafting of Consumables
  • Crafting of Costumes
  • Other Events

How is RO Slayers monetized?


One way to earn with RO Slayers is by simply playing the game for FREE.
As a Free to Play player, you just need to connect your RO Slayers account via Wallet Specialist NPC in-game.
There is a slight chance for F2P players to receive $SLYR tokens when doing instances, dungeons and quests that are part of the 17.1 Illusion update. Furthermore, there will also be in-game events that rewards $SLYR tokens.

Token Holders

This method is the most efficient and effective way to earn with RO Slayers. Just follow the steps below.
1.) Connect your RO Slayers account via Wallet Specialist NPC in-game.
2.) Acquire $SLYR token minimum holding amount in your crypto wallet
3.) Stake $SLYR token minimum holding amount through
Once done, you are then considered as a Token HOLDER.
As a holder, you are guaranteed to be rewarded $SLYR tokens from all the activities in-game such as instances, dungeons and quests that are part of the 17.1 Illusion update as well as in-game events.
It is important to note that $SLYR token minimum holding amount is subject to change due to our Oracle system.
Slayer Badge
Owning a Slayer Badge gives you a chance to earn a limited amount of bonus $SLYR token in instances, dungeons and quests that are part of the 17.1 Illusion update. Badge holders will also get a random monthly package in-game.

How will I be compensated?

You can queue your tokens for withdrawal in your in-game inventory. Each account will need at least 200 $SLYR Tokens to initiate withdrawal via Withdrawal NPC. Withdrawals will be subject to tax automatically.
After initiating withdrawal, $SLYR Token Will be automatically be staked.

What's the mechanics in Staking?

In staking the $SLYR token minimum holding amount, players will be guaranteed to receive $SLYR tokens rewards in-game. The minimum holding amount will be displayed in the webpage . Since the amount is controlled by the Oracle System, it will change in hourly intervals. Once the player has staked the $SLYR token minimum holding amount, he/she is now considered a holder. The holder status is not affected when the $SLYR token minimum holding amount changes only if the holder does not unstake the minimum holding amount. Example: Today the minimum holding increased to 900 SLYR. If a player staked 900 SLYR today, he is considered a holder. If the minimum holding increases tomorrow to 950 SLYR, the same player is still considered a holder. But if he unstaked and decided to restake, he has to stake 950 SLYR. If you're a holder now with 500 SLYR staked and it increased, you are still considered a holder until you unstake. But if you are a 500 SLYR Stake Holder and the minimum is 900 and you decided to stake +100 SLYR = 600 SLYR, your holder status will be removed. Staking Options
When $SLYR Token is staked, players must choose the 10 Days, 15 Days or 30 Days option.
Players who staked will receive rewards in-game. No APY yet.
Penalties for claiming staked $SLYR Tokens prematurely:
10 Days - 20% Penalty.
15 Days - 18% Penalty.
30 Days - 15% Penalty.

In-Game Withdrawal

Upon withdrawal of $SLYR Tokens from the game through the Withdrawal NPC, it will undergo staking as well before it can be transferred to your crypto wallet.
Penalties for withdrawing staked $SLYR Tokens prematurely:
Token Holders: 5 Days Staking. 30% Penalty on Day 1 and 6% reduction of penalty per day.
Free to Play: 7 Days Staking. 100% Penalty on Day 1 and 10% Penalty Reduction per day.

Are withdrawals subject to taxation?

Yes. Withdrawals will be taxed at a certain percentage with a distribution similar to regular purchases and sales. 10% for Holders, and 70% for Free-to-Play Players. You can check the Tokenomics (Transactions Breakdown) to know where the taxes go.