The Team

The RO Slayers Team is comprised of passionate Ragnarok players and developers who have also worked on the game since 2014. For the time being, anonymity is needed due to the nature of RO Slayers as a private server and a legal concern. Sushiswap and YFI are two successful instances of projects led by anonymous creators. "In Code, We Trust" is a saying that is frequently used in the cryptocurrency community. Numerous initiatives, such as NanoDoge, continue to "rug-pull" in the face of doxxing the developer. As a result, the term "Doxxing" is somewhat misleading.
We would adore the ability to utilize our own names on RO Slayers. The team is still debating whether or not to expose our identities, however, some members of our team are in situations where their daily lives would be disrupted if their names became public. We want to keep everyone's attention on the game and the product, and doxing may detract from that goal. We wish we could promise more, but this is the only way we plan to operate at the moment.
Last modified 2yr ago