RO Slayers

RO Slayers is a decentralized game and it’s the newest entry in blockchain technology that aims to integrate cryptocurrency with the classic and most nostalgic massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Through this new system, not only does it indulge players in the fun and competitiveness of online gaming; but also gives them the opportunity to able to earn and meet new acquaintances. The cryptocurrency mechanisms used are mainly influenced by Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games currently available in the market.
This paper is not intended to be a technical deep dive, but rather to be able to provide an overview of the current gameplay and a vision of the future of RO Slayers. It covers specific details about the gameplay, information about NFTs, the game's economy, specifically tokenomics; and how Blockchain Technology can enhance and reward the end user's experience. This is a living document, and the team reserves the right to make changes as necessary.
Why did we form RO Slayers?
The RO Slayers concept was designed in March 2021 with our team's initiative to fork Ragnarok Online and incorporate it as an affordable, efficient, and effective Play-to-Earn portal. To be able to relive the nostalgia of playing one of the most popular games in MMORPG history is one of the most amazing things we can offer.
However, as we put more time and effort into production and planning, we've discovered that there are a variety of issues that run through all these types of games, such as the following:
  1. 1.
    Pay to Win - The traditional MMORPG dilemma of skilled, experienced, and devoted players losing out to others who are only capable of paying their way out to gain an advantage. This certainly distorts the balance between those that have extra money and those that are on a budget.
  2. 2.
    Hierarchy - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) games have always been a tremendous success for the reason that they provide entertainment to gamers from all levels in terms of skills, abilities, and availability to play.
  3. 3.
    NFT's - The oversupply of NFT will almost certainly occur without any balancing mechanism. Lower tier NFT's will eventually lose their value that can directly affect the liquidity on the games economy.
Thus, RO Slayers is here to try and come up with a solution.
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